Product characteristic No.1
  • Safety reliable >> Cab
(1) Full steel design£¬it is approved by ECE R29 ¡£
(2) Anticorrosion treatment processes complex, anti- corrosion, durability of sustainable vehicles

noise test
combination road test
low temperature start test
Vibration test
water-proof test

Full steel body£¬all stamping parts are used by hightensilesteelplate
BeiBen Cab assembly is combined by: front panel, top panel, bottom panel, rear panel and door six pieces, each panels are different material and structures.

For the purpose of rigidity and bearing crash of the white body £¬ BeiBen has strengthened the critical parts

Noise control
Long cab used intermediate support
Short cab used Elastic damper

BeiBen Cab over all softening inner decoration is
¨€ carpet made from softening foaming PVC, polyurethane foaming heat insulation layer at back, which improve the ability of heat and sound insulation.
¨€ Guard board matiral is non-woven fabrics.
¨€ There is hair felt affixed between guard board and stamping parts

carpet made from softening foaming PVC. Floor, side body and back body fixed by damping board, improves the ability of heat proof, sound proof and vabaration insulation
Damping board
Foaming heat proof layer
Foaming carpet
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